Pain and Joint Stiffness: How to Treat Them

Beginning at age 50, the body, which until then was flexible and agile thanks to the hundreds of joints in it, becomes less mobile with aging and joint stiffness. Joint pain and joint stiffness may appear. One in every two elderly Brazilians would be affected by these physical problems. What are the causes of joint stiffness? How to relieve them? pain and joint stiffness

Causes of pain and joint stiffness

Joint pain and stiffness felt in the knees, wrists, neck, etc., appear more frequently with age, although these symptoms, usually grouped as rheumatism, can, however, occur at any age and may have different origins.

The causes of joint stiffness are multiple. It can be pain due to arthritis, a joint condition of inflammatory origin that can be chronic, meaning that it changes over a long period of time, and it can be caused by an autoimmune disease that attacks the joint cartilage. Arthritis can also be acute, most often due to a bacterial infection.

Osteoarthritis, which usually affects the elderly more, also causes joint pain and stiffness because this disease wears away joint cartilage. Parkinson’s disease can also cause this type of symptom.

A fall or other bodily trauma can also cause joint stiffness due to inflammation of the tissues around the joints.

Whatever the cause, joint pain can result in deformation of the joints, their stiffness, preventing normal mobility, or even loss of mobility.

Solutions for relieving joint stiffness

There are several ways to relieve joint stiffness. If they are due to being overweight (an element that increases cartilage wear in particular), all lifestyle measures must necessarily be taken to reduce your weight. Through a balanced diet, good hydration and adequate and also.

If joint stiffness is caused by osteoarthritis, heat can be a good way to relieve the pain felt. The use of a hot water bottle or heating pad is recommended. Here too, an activity to strengthen the muscles, such as a water sport, is recommended.

In case of inflammatory arthritis, rest is more advisable to avoid overloading the painful joints. In any case, diseases that cause joint stiffness require a good lifestyle.

From medication to natural remedies

Some joint pain and stiffness can only be relieved with medication (anti-inflammatory drugs) prescribed by a doctor. However, some natural remedies can help combat lack of mobility and pain.

This is the case, for example, with currants, whose anti-inflammatory properties have a recognized action on these types of pain. The same goes for nettle. Lemon eucalyptus essential oil applied to stiff joints also helps limit inflammation in the affected parts of the body. Regularly drinking a ginger decoction can also help relieve these pains thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Homeopathy is also recommended to relieve joint stiffness. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory granules such as Arnica are good allies in this type of case.

Alternative Medicine and Rehabilitation

In case of joint stiffness, physical therapy is one of the solutions to consider to strengthen the muscles while softening the joints and relieving them. Sessions with a professional should be complemented by regular exercises at home to really relieve joint pain. Osteopathy, acupuncture or occupational therapy are also alternative medicines that can relieve joint stiffness.

In conclusion, some heat cures also give good results in terms of joint pain.

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