Orthopedic and Lumbar Cushion

To sleep well, you have to be well equipped! The choice of mattress is important, but so is the choice of your pillow. The orthopedic pillow is an effective accessory to help you relax and unwind and get restorative sleep.

Whether you suffer from neck pain or not, the orthopedic pillow has gradually become the essential accessory for families.

Offering perfect support and improving sleeping conditions, it can become your new ally for a good quality of sleep.

What is a lumbar pillow?

It is a new generation orthopedic pillow that will replace your old pillow, to properly support your cervicals.

This ergonomic pillow has a wave-shaped surface. The core of the pillow is more hollowed out than the edges to keep your neck in its natural position.

This cervical pillow is designed to allow for a better quality of sleep and to relieve neck pain. Therefore, it is a very good solution to buy an orthopedic pillow if you suffer from back pain, neck pain, and recurrent lower back pain.

The materials and their advantages

The orthopedic pillow is very appreciated. The foam reacts to body heat and then adapts to your position to perfectly fit the curves of your head and neck.


The orthopedic pillow made of 100% natural latex is ideal for people who have allergies. The hypoallergenic and antifungal properties of latex make it insensitive to dust mites. The support is very comfortable.

Feathers and down

The feather and down pillow is comfortable and regulates heat very well. Cozy, it will allow for a good night’s sleep.

Square orthopedic pillow

This form of pillow is the most common. However, reserve it for times when you want to read or fiddle with your cell phone. This is a very good solution for your back, which is comfortably settled.

The rectangular pillow

It is the ideal way to relieve your neck and sleep in perfect alignment of your head and spine.

Why choose an orthopedic pillow?

The orthopedic cervical pillow allows the cervicals to be aligned correctly. Therefore, your sleep will be better!

If you suffer from neck pain and your back is aching during the day, the orthopedic pillow will allow you to let that part of your body rest properly while you sleep. This means that you will have less muscle strain during the day.

This pillow is compatible with all body types, as long as you choose the most suitable model depending on your sleeping position.

How to choose the firmness and thickness of the orthopedic pillow?

You don’t choose an orthopedic pillow at random. You will have to take into account your morphology, but also your sleeping habits, to find the pillow that perfectly suits our needs.

Sleeping on your side is the most effective position for using the orthopedic pillow, as it fills the space between the mattress and the nape of your neck, keeping your head perfectly straight and not tilted. A fairly firm pillow is recommended for a comfortable fit.

Sleeping on your stomach is not a recommended position as it increases the lumbar curvature and does not allow the cervicals to rest properly. Therefore, you should choose the flattest pillow possible to prevent your head from being twisted, but flexible enough for the most harmonious alignment possible.

Sleeping on your back is one of the best positions for a restful sleep. When you sleep on your back, you move little. Your pillow should be low enough so that your spine is in the ideal position and your muscles relax perfectly. It should be dense enough so that your head and neck are adequately supported.

The disadvantages of an orthopedic pillow

The orthopedic pillow doesn’t have many disadvantages. Ideal for all sleeping positions and for all physiognomies, it is perfectly suited to all profiles.

One of its disadvantages that comes up most often from users is the difficulty of adaptation. In fact, if you have spent most of your life sleeping on a basic pillow that does not support your cervicals, you may feel some discomfort during the first few weeks of using your new orthopedic pillow. This is due to the position it makes you take and to your neck being held straight, which can cause a slight pressure on your neck. However, this inconvenience is only short-lived.

The second, which is certainly what stops people the most, is its price: sometimes high due to its quality and manufacturing, some budgets cannot afford it.

How much does an orthopedic pillow cost?

As with all bedding items, the price can vary depending on the model and quality chosen.

While the cost of a pillow is a criterion taken into consideration by most consumers, of all things, consider the quality and features of the pillow: removable or not, hypoallergenic, foam density, etc.

Where can I buy an orthopedic pillow?

Most sellers of bedding and bedding equipment will offer a wide variety of orthopedic pillows. Amazon is also a good place to buy.

Today you also have the option to buy by some online manufacturers, who have created a good reputation thanks to their high-quality products.

Some manufacturers even offer the opportunity to test their pillows for 100 to 120 nights in your home and even offer free shipping.