Christmas Food for Dinner: The best options!

christmas food for dinner

First of all, Christmas is always a whirlwind of things to deal with. It seems impossible to decorate the tree, find the perfect gifts for friends and family, and make all the dinner we want in just 25 days… So the more we want for dinner the faster the month goes by. So allow us to relieve some of your stress regarding Christmas food for dinner. We have Christmas dinner covered with this irresistible list of Brazilian family approved classics.

Here are our top picks for you to have the best dinner ever, including desserts.

Christmas Food for Dinner: Best Main Courses

1. Roast Chicken

christmas food for dinner

Christmas chicken is moist and juicy inside, as well as being tasty. It should be perfectly roasted until the skin is golden brown. This roast chicken will be a hit on your table this Christmas or any other time of the year. Besides the fact that most people like to eat chicken, we find it simple to prepare, and it can be done in a small oven. In addition, you can cook the chicken alongside potatoes or vegetables.

2. Turkey

christmas food for dinner

There comes that time of year when you start thinking about your Christmas turkey and wonder how you are going to cook it. But don’t worry. There isn’t much difficulty in preparing it, you just need to pay attention when it comes time to cook it. Besides, if you haven’t made a chicken you MUST make a Christmas turkey!

3. Codfish

comida de natal

Now, if you don’t like either turkey or roast chicken, we have the best option for you, codfish. Bacalhau is a fish that is usually served with potatoes. So, the tradition of bacalhau at Christmas is very common in Brazilian Christmas. Think hard about this option if you don’t like poultry and also don’t like meat.

4. Pernil

comida de natal

Although the reason that made ham be inserted in the Brazilian cuisine is not a good one, ham fits perfectly as a main dish at Christmas. With the high prices of food, ham was a “second option” for the supper. So, because codfish was expensive, people started using the Pernil (ham) as a cheaper option for Christmas.

Christmas Food: Best Desserts

1. French toast

christmas food for dinner

Considered the staple of Christmas, French toast is a mixture of bread, milk, and eggs that is topped with cinnamon powder. Moreover, it is very simple to prepare and at Christmas time it is quite easy to find French toast bread in any bakery in Brazil.

2. Pudding

christmas food for dinner

A very simple recipe to make, totally expected at Christmas. Thus, milk pudding is a flagship for kids, some people who don’t like French toast end up being crazy about pudding as a dessert.

3. Chestnuts and Nuts

nozes e castanhas

Finally, the Brazilian ritual of chestnuts and walnuts on the Christmas table. If you don’t have Chestnuts and Nuts on your Christmas table there is something wrong. Totally indispensable as an appetizer before and after the main courses.

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