Best Family Netflix Movies to Watch With Your Grandkids

Finding the best family netflix movies to watch with the grandkids can be tricky. On the other hand, movies have changed a lot in the last few decades, and the elderly may not be ready or willing to accept all the new advances that have come with the movies.

So with all the leaps made with special effects and technology, we are seeing things on screen that were simply unimaginable in the 1950s. When have you ever imagined watching film through a cell phone? Moments of remembrance is a secret to a joyful life. Because of this, many elderly people long for the movies of the good old days.

Although seniors are known to love the classics, we think there are some more recent movies that are worthy of their time. And since they are all available on Netflix, seniors can watch these movies in the comfort of their homes with their partner.

So, this list has some great Netflix movies to watch with the grandkids. Including handpicked options of period dramas and comedies starring senior actors. You will find experienced actors in these quality movies.

For example, the stellar performances by the experienced cast definitely make it worth watching. Keep reading to learn more about the best family netflix movies to watch with the grandkids.

Best family netflix movies!

1. Whale Rider

Best Family Netflix Movies

Plot: Pai (Keisha Castle-Hughes) is a young Whangara woman who wants to replace her grandfather, Koro (Rawiri Paratene), as chief of her tribe. The only problem? Leadership is usually reserved for first-born men.

Why it’s special: Simply put, it’s a charming and thought-provoking film about family, community, and identity, with a granddaughter and grandfather at its center. So the performances are lovely throughout the film but Castle-Hughes is especially luminous; she was only 11 when filming began and was nominated for an Oscar for her work.

2.Little Miss Sunshine

Best Family Netflix Movies

The Plot: The eccentric Hoover family hits the road to watch young Olive (Abigail Breslin) compete in the Little Miss Sunshine pageant. Along for the ride are exhausted mother Sheryl (Toni Colette), Type A father Richard (Greg Kinnear), silent teenager Dwayne (Paul Dano), studious Frank (Steve Carell) and grandfather Edwin (Alan Arkin), who is also Olive’s pageant coach. And you thought their relatives were complicated….

Why it’s special: Edwin is a maniac. Olive is the human embodiment of innocence. Somehow, their bond makes sense. She softens his harsh features, and he gives her confidence. Breslin (only 9 at the time of filming) and Arkin were nominated for Academy Awards for their performances; Arkin won.

3.The Education of Little Tree

The Education of Little Tree (film) - Wikipedia

The plot: When Little Tree (Joseph Ashton) is orphaned, he is taken by his devoted Scottish grandfather (James Cromwell) and warm, wise Cherokee grandmother (Tantoo Cardinal) to live in the Smoky Mountains, where he learns about nature, survival, and pride.

Things get dicey, however, when he is forced to go to a reform school to erase all traces of his Native American heritage.

Why it’s special: In a country where nearly 5 million children are raised by their grandparents, it’s refreshing to see the relationship portrayed with such tenderness and obvious love. So between that, the rugged natural setting, and the gentle tone, The Little Tree feels like classic Disney live-action films.

4. In Her Shoes

In Her Shoes (film) - Wikipedia

The plot: Rose (Toni Collette) is a buttoned-up professional looking for contentment. Maggie (Cameron Diaz) is Rose’s partying sister, who sleeps with her boyfriend at the first opportunity. On the other hand, Ella (Shirley MacLaine) is the grandmother who lets Maggie move into her Florida retirement community, turning her into a respectable human being in the process.

Why it’s special: A trio of nuanced performances and Curtis Hanson’s sensitive direction give the film resonance and depth.

Thus, especially significant is Maggie’s relationship with Ella. The film gives the younger woman a sense of self-worth, and the older woman a more vital connection to her previously estranged family.

5.Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory | Amazon.com.br

The plot: young Penniless Charlie Bucket (Peter Ostrum) wins one of five golden tickets to visit eccentric candy magnate Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) at his factory. On the other hand, Grandpa Joe (Jack Albertson) is his escort. Trials, temptations, and an eternal cycle of fun happen along the way.

So why is it special: On the one hand, it is a colorful and whimsical children’s musical set in a candy wonderland composed entirely of little orange people. On the other hand, Charlie and Grandpa bring out the best in each other; Grandpa helps Charlie have fun, and Charlie shows Grandpa the importance of honesty.


Ulee's Gold (1997) - IMDb

The Plot: For a subtle and thoughtful film, Ulee’s Gold has quite an involved story. Ulee (Peter Fonda) is an abbe widower who raises his granddaughters, Penny (Vanessa Zima) and Casey (Jessica Biel), after his son, Jimmy (Tom Wood), is sent to prison.

However, problems arise when Ulee must rescue his drug-addicted daughter-in-law from Jimmy’s partners, who threaten to hurt the grandchildren if he doesn’t find the $100,000 they believe Jimmy has hidden.

So Why It’s Special: By nature a lonely man, Ulee is not thrilled with the state of his family. Still, the beekeeper steps up to protect and unite them, providing Penny and Casey with the role model they so desperately need.

7. Casulo

Best Family Netflix Movies

The plot: Retirees find the fountain of youth in a Florida swimming pool. However, the aliens who put it there offer them a chance at eternal life, but only if they travel to outer space, leaving their loved ones behind. On the other hand, for Ben’s (Wilford Brimley) beloved grandson, David (Barret Oliver), this is really disturbing.

Finally,Then Why It’s Special: is there anything sadder than the prospect of never seeing your grandson again? And is there anything more incredible than seeing that same little boy set you free?

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